Empowering Wellness

Empowering Wellness

Have you been told your labs are "normal" but you know there is something deeper going on? Do you have questions about your mood, sleep, digestion, metabolism and energy? I can help. Personalized guidance, holistic healing and endless support for your health and happiness.

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Hi I'm Devon!

I am a certified Health Coach and a Mamma of twin girls, based in the Northeast. My 15-year journey through personal health challenges, including fertility struggles, unexplainable weight gain, and a range of issues from food sensitivities to Lyme disease, has profoundly shaped my wellness approach. Embracing functional medicine marked a pivotal moment for me, as it allowed me to uncover and address the root causes of my health issues.

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My goal

is to help inspire a healthier lifestyle through cleaner and nutritious food choices.

4 Ways FDN Practitioners Will Transform Your Health

Your Personalized Journey to Wellness Begins!


FDN Practitioners explore your overall well-being, delving into nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, and toxins. They uncover root causes, embracing holistic health.


FDN Practitioners utilize various functional lab tests to gather data about the body's functioning. These tests can include hormone panels, gut health assessments, food sensitivity tests, and more. 


Tailored just for you! FDN Practitioners craft personalized plans covering diet, lifestyle, and supplements. Your unique path to feeling great!


Like a supportive friend, FDN Practitioners guide you with knowledge and encouragement. It's about your happiness and health, and they're there for every step! 

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Once I was personally empowered, empowering others was the next step.

Since wellness comes pretty naturally to me – I’m always cooking up a storm for my family, sharing the latest health tips with my friends and consuming everything wellness related – getting certified allowed me to shift my own health transformation into helping others find what uniquely works for them.

Check out how!

I invite you to reach out and connect with me so we can determine if we're a good match. During our conversation, we will explore your health concerns and goals, and I will provide you with more information about my approach and how I can assist you.

Let's get on a discovery call!

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How It Works

Take 30 min to share your history and decide what lab testing is right for you.

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Based on the results of our call, you will pick a package and begin the process.

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Once these steps are completed you will be able to book your first appointment with us!

Book an Appointment:

You will be prompted to purchase and fill out intake paperwork.

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This is for you if:

you're interested in your overall health and want to learn more about what is going on inside your body.

you Have the desire change but are unwilling to inconvenience yourself.

you are prepared to make a financial investment in your health.

you are not willing to do the work.

you are prepared to implement the necessary changes.

It's probably not for you if...

you feel fine and that's good enough.

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I completely understand. Change can be intimidating! Let's arrange a discovery call to assess our compatibility for working together.

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